Community Bands Together Once More to Feed Local Youngsters


Photo courtesy of Carbon Caring for Kids

In early March, Carbon Caring for Kids announced that the organization was gearing up to prepare food kits for youngsters in the area to help them throughout spring break.

It was stated by Marcy Loveless that there were 88 kits that were being sponsored. These kits needed to contain a box of cereal, five microwavable Chef Boyardee meals, two tuna or chicken and cracker packs, six to eight fruit cups, four applesauce pouches or cups, seven granola bars and seven to 10 individuals snacks.

On March 24, Loveless announced that the community had once again succeeded in banding together to accomplish the feat.

“When I look at all of this food, I see amazing people coming together to take care of kids in our area,” Loveless shared. “This program never ceases to amaze me. You are all the cream of the crop!”

Loveless continued by stating that she feels very blessed to be able to watch so many be willing to help and serve where is needed before thanking all that donated food or funds. Castleview Hospital donated 800 pieces of fruit for the spring break kits, while Bent Metal donated the bread.

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