Community Discusses Four Corners Behavioral Health


Each year, a public hearing is hosted during a Carbon County Commission meeting in order for those at Four Corners Behavioral Health to receive community input regarding their services. This once again took place during last week’s meeting, with Four Corner Executive Director Melissa Huntington taking the helm to begin the hearing.

Huntington explained that the program provides outpatient services for mental health and substance use disorder treatment, as well as crisis services, 24 hours per day. In addition, they help individuals get into more intensive settings if necessary, provide housing for clients and much more.

Huntington stated that they work with a lot of community partners and employ a lot of individuals that live in the county. She expressed gratitude in serving the community members of Carbon County.

Huntington explained that the purpose of the hearing is to gather feedback and that they do take into consideration what is said and try to remedy concerns that people have. They are always grateful for the positive comments that are made. With that, the public was invited to speak.

One patient of Four Corners began the public comments by saying that he had spoken the previous year as well on how the program has changed his life for the better. Through the services and support that Four Corners provides, this individual stated that his growth continues.

He explained that this is due to the staff, his therapist and the outstanding services provided. He said that Four Corners has really helped him become a better person and be comfortable in his own skin, which has played a large role in the person that he is today.

Two more patients of Four Corners spoke during the hearing, echoing the sentiments of the first. One stated that he comes from a family of drug abusers and was unable to stay out of jail for many years. Through the program, he came to understand that he could change his life if only he was willing.

The third speaker stated that Four Corners is essential and instrumental in dealing with addiction and mental health. They said that Four Corners is amazing at discovering what the underlying problem is and addressing it, as well as assisting with housing and overcoming other issues that impede success.

Commissioner Larry Jensen said that one of the best parts of his position has been serving on the board of directors for both Four Corners and the Southeast Utah Health Department. He explained that the two entities are charged by the state of Utah with the responsibility of the health, safety and welfare of the citizens. To conclude, commissioner Jensen said that Four Corners is a big part of that responsibility in regard to mental health.

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