Community Gathers for Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner Fundraiser


Ascension St. Matthew’s Church hosted its first fundraiser of the new year on Tuesday. Every year, members of the congregation organize two dinner fundraisers. The pancake supper is the first and precedes a spaghetti dinner in the fall season.

One women at the dinner mentioned that she hadn’t lived in the area long but was very impressed with how many people were at the event, noting that there were those there who were not part of the church. She liked that people were coming together to donate to this fundraiser, and that it didn’t matter who the people were, just that they were there for a good cause.

The USU Eastern boys’ basketball team was at the feast for a community service project. Team members were helping people get their food, taking plates that had been finished, filling cups and doing anything they were able to do to help. The team wasn’t the only group helping; many members of the Ascensions St. Matthews Church were also helping serve food and cleaning up messes.

Members of the congregation are looking forward to their next fundraiser in the fall.

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