Congressman Curtis Visits Green River and Answers Questions From Locals


On Saturday evening, Congressman John Curtis visited Green River and invited locals to ask questions and engage in conversation about their concerns.

The night started off with Congressman Curtis introducing himself and giving an example of hope for the future of Washington. He mentioned the 70 bills that President Donald Trump recently signed concerning the opioid issue. He also shared several bills of his own with the people of Green River.

Issues and concerns brought up by the locals were the opioid issue, specifically for people who actually need the medications and are not abusing them, his plans on gun control, immigration and ramifications of the BLM lawsuits.

Also discussed were the Emery County Lands Bill, specifically where they were at on the issue, and economic growth for the town, in which he mentioned the rural business summit coming to in Price on Nov. 9. Curtis has spearheaded the summit where attendees will participate in workforce training sessions, learn how to establish a business, find opportunities for growth, and collaborate with startups, entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors.

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