Congressman John Curtis Visits Price City for Town Hall Meeting


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Pre-COVID-19, Utah Congressman John Curtis had hosted nearly 200 town halls in two years. The pandemic put hindered them, but he stated that they felt close enough to the end of the pandemic tunnel to be able to begin them again.

The town halls, according to Curtis, are a great way to stay in touch with communities. With this in mind, last week he began a small tour of town halls. Beginning in Bluff, he has hosted three town halls since, with the second being hosted in Moab and the third rounding out the tour in Price on Friday evening.

Beginning the town hall, Curtis expressed his belief in the importance of local government, stating that he spent much of the time on the tour with elected officials. In Price, he visited North Springs Shooting Range and remarked on what a great facility it is. He also took time to meet with the Emery County Commissioners in Green River and look at land in the area.

Curtis stated that, as a country, the United States has been in rough places before; however, when he thinks back on the rough times, we have emerged a better country than before. From there, he opened the floor for questioning.

Curtis was questioned on many topics, including the overwhelming Republic representation in Utah, gun control, his ideas on impeachment and more. Curtis stressed that it is important to him regardless of religion, race or anything otherwise to feel as if he is representing the people.

In terms of gun violence and where it ranks on the list of priorities to deal with, and what actions can be taken to support or resolve it, Curtis explained that for ten years of his life he built shooting ranges. He said that he feels a real kinship to those that love and wish to protect the second amendment.

“Let me say, I think we would be wise as a society if we want to make serious changes to look at violence in general,” Curtis stated.

He spoke on the root of the death of one of the guards at Capitol Hill that had happened that same day, stating that the root of that death is probably at the same root of someone that shoots another. He said that there are categories where more honesty is needed and one of them is in mental health. Curtis also remarked that there is some common ground in legislation dealing with firearms.

“The day we start undoing the will of the people, we are in a very dangerous place,” said Curtis.

The town hall continued with input and questions from various members of the community before coming to a conclusion after an hour.

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