Construction on Carbon High May be Finished Well Before Deadline


Carbon School District Press Release

While the purpose of Carbon High School is to educate students, and that is forefront on everyone’s minds, the construction at the school looms large over almost everything done there. That elephant in the room, however, may be going away sooner than originally thought as construction crews at the school are making fast progress on the addition and renovation of current spaces.

“The construction at Carbon High School is flying along,” said Principal Chris Winfree. “The construction crew is ahead of schedule and the last report I got was the hope that they are working to try and be finished with many of the projects by the time school starts this fall. Something, of course, could come up to change that, but even at that, the majority of the projects will be done by that time. To be able to put what was anticipated to be two years of construction and fit the majority of it into one year is amazing.”

That finishing point would include the new parking lot, the new addition that is being built where the old courtyard in front of the school used to be, the interior remodeling of the library into six classrooms and other improvements.

“One of the things that looks like it is going to happen is a remodeling of the fine arts wing of the building as well,” said Winfree. “That section of the building had not been included in the original plans, but the bids have been so favorable to the district that it appears that can be done as an added feature.”

This added bonus will equal a whole new look to the school, in many areas.

“We are getting more projects for the money because of the cost savings,” he stated. “We are also looking at upgrades in the science labs, art rooms, CTE and other classrooms as well.”

There will also be a lot of renovation in many common areas of the building and new windows will be added in some areas as well. To get this done, however, will require some logistical challenges because crews will have to start remodeling inside the building before school is out.

“So, that means as early as April we will have some construction going on inside the building. That will mean some adjustments for staff, students and parents when they come in. If we can be somewhat flexible and work with the contractors, everything can be done soon. We met with the staff and asked them if they were willing to be uncomfortable for a couple of months so the construction can be completed earlier, and they unanimously agreed that would be a good idea. Many volunteered to make several sacrifices to have this happen more quickly,” concluded Winfree.

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