Crandall Canyon Mine Disaster: 10 Years Later


August 6 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Crandall Canyon Mine disaster. The disaster shook both Carbon and Emery counties during the time of the tragedy and still has effects today.

On Aug. 6, 2007, a 3.9 seismic event occurred, causing the mine to collapse and trap six miners. Rescue attempts were quickly initiated in order to reach the men. However, on Aug. 16, the mine collapsed again and killed three rescuers while injuring six others. The operation came to a halt and was suspended indefinitely the following day.

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman established the State Office of Coal Mine Safety in March 2008. At that time, Genwal Resources, Inc. plead guilty to criminal chargers stemming from the collapse.

Since the tragedy 10 years ago, two memorials have been dedicated to the lost miners. One memorial is located at a park in Huntington that sits along the road leading to Huntington Canyon where Crandall Canyon Mine is located. The other is located at the mine site.

Though the community and family members are still trying to heal from the catastrophic event, the ultimate sacrifice of the nine miners will never be forgotten.

As we approach the 10-year anniversary, take a few minutes to remember and honor the nine that were killed in the collapse as well as recognizing those who participated in the rescue attempts that are still with us today. Let family members know that they are not alone and their loved ones have not been forgotten.


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