Letter to the Editor: Response to Recent Letters and County Commissioners


Letter to the Editor,

Fred Richardson has hit the nail squarely on the head with his clear headed article that appeared in the July 26th edition of ETV 10 News. As regarding the Russians and whether the influenced our election, I’d add that they did not influence my vote. If somehow, the Russians helped us realize that Hillary had acid treated and erased 30,000 emails (what was she trying to hide?) and if they helped us realize that she had engineered the sale of a good deal of our uranium to the Russians in return for millions of dollars paid directly to the Clinton foundation, then I’d say that we owe a note of thanks to the Russians. “Crooked Hillary”? Yeah, Trump had that right.

The article authored by Joan Powell in the same edition is a wake up call. For the last couple of decades we’ve seen locked gates appearing on roads and trails that have existed for as long as I can remember. Government ‘officials’ have been ‘leasing’ grazing rights to various entities who then install a locked gate, put a cow on the property, then claim that the deer and elk are eating ‘their’ browse, and promptly obtain license for thousands of dollars to affluent Texan or other who come in and enjoy ‘private’ hunting privileges. Nuck Woodward is the final straw—–It’s about time we put a stop to this. Come on ground swell! Don’t quit Joan—lead the ground swell and tell us how we can help?

And while I am ranting, how about our Carbon county commissioners? They have become accustomed to spending our money like there is no tomorrow. At one time, not long ago, they were struggling to spend all the money that was coming in from energy royalties. Now that those funds are drying up, thanks to democrats and tree huggers, they continue to spend at the same rate—making up the difference by arrogantly raising taxes. They could have, and should have, tightened their belts a bit—like all of us have to do. I, for one, will cast my vote against each of them in the next election.

Lynn Thomas
Helper, Utah

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