Creekview Elementary Students Stack Up During Food Drive


Photo courtesy of Shelly Bird

The Creekview Chiefs have been busily collecting canned goods to benefit the community through their annual food drive.

To keep things interesting, a friendly competition was created between the different STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Houses in the school.

At the conclusion of the competition, it was determined that those in the Math house were successful in collecting the most. As a reward, Principal John Thomas dyed his beard the color blue, which is the representative color for the Math House.

The cans collected were then used in the annual CANstruction Project, which is an activity to prompt each house to build a structure from the food. This project helps to implement the Engineering portion of STEM into the children’s education.

The CANstruction displays were then shown off during the school’s recent science fair. The food collected will now be donated to the Carbon County Food Bank.

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