CVMS Honor Society Spreads Free Little Libraries Through Emery County


Canyon View: (left to right) Annie Ramstetter, Nicole Guymon, Deagan Brady, Azure Eden, Lilly Cowley, and Kaden Mills.

CVMS Press Release

At Canyon View Middle School, our 30 Honor Society students have been hard at work during the school year to bring a touch of literary magic to our community. Through their dedicated service project, they constructed five charming Free Little Libraries and completed a book drive to fill the libraries.

These miniature libraries serve as hubs of literary exchange, inviting neighbors and passersby to take a free book or leave one behind for others to enjoy. Whether you’re in search of a thrilling adventure, a heartwarming tale, or a journey into the unknown, our Free Little Libraries have something for everyone.

We warmly invite our community to explore these literary treasures, fostering a love of reading and a sense of togetherness for all. There is one located by the visitor’s center in Huntington, one at Canyon View, one by T.C. West in Huntington, and one at the park in Elmo and in Cleveland.

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