CVMS National Junior Honor Society Inducts New Members


Photo by Janet Ewell

By Julie Johansen and Traci Bishop

Sixth, seventh and eighth grade inductees were sworn into the National Junior Honor Society at Canyon View Middle School on Wednesday evening. At the program, advisor Janet Ewell welcomed guests and prospective members while Kinlie Jensen introduced the fove qualities of the national organization.

Those qualities were then discussed individually by officers of the group: Scholarship – Ashlyn Durrant, Service – BreElle Parkins, Leadership – Deri Thatcher, Character – Haylie McArthur and Citizenship – Saydee Grange.

Aubrey Guymon introduced the new members and Sydney Carter conducted the swearing in of those candidates. Nearly 80 students had met the requirements to become members. Ewell gave closing challenges to the students and invited guests to refreshments.

Ewell stated that the students represented some of the very best at CVMS. According to Ewell, inductees have to meet rigorous requirements to qualify for NJHS, including maintaining high grade-point averages and displaying the five qualities that are required of the NJHS: scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship.

“The National Junior Honor Society helps students prepare for the National Honor Society once they reach high school. While they do have to re-qualify and meet National Honor Society standards in high school, the NJHS helps them prepare and gives them a head start to help them along the way,” Ewell concluded.

A full list of members can be found below:

New inductees:

2018-2019 Inductees

6th Grade
Porter Hurdsman
Maleeya Mecham
Tailynn Minchey
Katelyn Nielson
Kinlee Payne
Dazi Thatcher
Cassidy Gilbert
Libby Christensen
Jabry Sharp
Braxton Butler
Mollee Durrant
Stace Gilbert
Hallie Woodhouse
Jaselynn Stansfield
Will Jeffs
Devin Rasmussen
Quayd Oveson
Macie McArthur
Shaynee Fox
Saige Curtis
Taytum Kay
Emma Fillmore
Boden Christman 

7th Grade
Jared Cowley
Tandy Jensen
Boston Huntington
Shaela World
Abby Morris
Ashlynn Woodruff
Megan Bass
Tyson Laws

8th Grade
Aspen Taylor
Kadin Hoerner
EmJae Adair
Alivia Christman
Tianna Donaldson
Tera Donaldson
Owen Cordner
Jacklyn Oveson
Johanna Snow
Genevieve Bodliy

Current Members

7th Grade
Kimball Black
Koria Black
Madilyn Bunnell
Taya Cowley
Graycee Mills
Karleigh Stilson
Nicole Castro
Wade Stilson
Ryker Mann
Aliya Lester
Creek Sharp
Ashlynn Tuttle
Kelsey Norton
Derrick Jensen
Carley Young
Claire Christensen
Libby Faimalo

8th Grade
Aubrey Guymon
Alexia Mortensen
Wiley Wilson
Haylie McArthur
Brielle Rowley
Alexander Frederick
Makaila Peacock
Jacee Cunningham
Easton Nielson
Sydney Carter
BreElle Parkins
Braxton Ward
Ashlyn Durrant
Bryant Durrant
Deri Thatcher
Saydee Grange
Ridic Potter
Kinlie Jensen
Madilyn Simmons
Aiden Richardson
Samantha Black
Garrison Staples

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