Daily Limit Increased at Mayor’s Pond Due to Dredging Project


Photo Courtesy of the Utah DWR

DWR News Release

The daily fishing limit increased to eight fish at Mayor’s Pond, a community fishing pond in Brigham City, on Wednesday, Dec. 20 to allow anglers to catch and keep more fish before an upcoming dredging project that will impact fish survival.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Director J. Shirley issued the emergency change to the Utah Fishing Guidebook to give anglers the opportunity to catch and keep more fish at the community fishery. The pond accumulated an increase in sediment during the 2023 spring runoff, and Brigham City officials will be dredging the pond in January to decrease the sediment. The pond was stocked during the fall, and it is unlikely that any fish will survive the dredging efforts.

“This increased fish limit will allow anglers to harvest more fish before the project takes place, so those fish can be used instead of being wasted,” DWR Northern Region Aquatics Manager Chris Penne said.

You can catch rainbow trout, which are stocked by the DWR, and also brown trout at Mayor’s Pond. The previous daily limit was two fish.

The increased daily fish limit became effective Dec. 20 and will remain in effect until Jan. 31, 2024. All other rules established in the 2023 and 2024 Utah Fishing Guidebooks remain in effect.

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