Desert Wings RC Club to Host Upcoming Fun Fly Events


Don Mendel with Desert Wings RC Club visited the Carbon County Commissioners on Wednesday evening to give a brief presentation on upcoming events.

Mendel stated that his purpose in visiting was to share that the club is on schedule to host a Fun Fly on Sept. 25. A second Fun Fly event is slated to follow on Oct. 8 and 9, with the first event being a nighttime fly with lighting. These will take place at the fairgrounds, where the fly events are generally hosted.

The club hopes to have community members come out to enjoy the shows and ask questions.

Flyers attend these events from a myriad of locations, such as Salt Lake City, Logan, Colorado and Moab. “We’re open and excited for everyone to come watch,” said Mendel.

At this point, Mendel stated that he would like to thank Carbon County and the fairgrounds for helping to maintain and have everything ready each year. The fairground staff and employees, shared Mendel, do a great job with weed control, keeping the water in check and more.

At that time, he did state that he would like another meeting to show a couple of things that need to be completed. Mendel assured the commission that these issues will take minimal labor and expense, but are in preparation for the Fun Fly events.

He then said that he wished to mention that they had recently lost one of their pioneer flyers, Ed Burnham. Burnham assisted in launching the club in the 80s, which at that time was called Wing Nuts.

Spencer Whitehead, representing the USU Eastern aviation program, then took a moment to speak, stating that he is specifically over the drone portion of the program. He has been working with Mendel to coordinate flights at the RC field and that they will have 10 students that will be flying on a regular basis.

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