Did You Get a Glimpse of the Aurora Borealis Over the Weekend?


Photo by: Valery Sage O'Neil

On Friday, May 10, across most of the Northern Hemisphere, the aurora borealis put on a show. A level 5 geomagnetic storm supercharged the aurora borealis, which allowed them to be visible in Utah.

Pictures of this phenomenon flooded social media, as Utahns were left in awe at the mix of pinks, purples, blues and greens that danced across the sky. This was definitely a weekend to remember for so many Utahns.

The best way to view the northern lights was to simply take a drive until there were no longer city lights and look north. Carbon and Emery County residents are no strangers to taking the back roads.

We at ETV News asked our Facebook followers to share with us their photos of the aurora borealis and they did not disappoint.

The winner for our featured photo is Valery Sage O’Neil.

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