Dinos Handle Their Own at Uintah Tournament


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

Over the weekend, the Dinos played five matches in two days at the Uintah Tournament. Up first was Morgan where Branden Scovill (third singles) was the lone Dino to pick up a win (8-4). Morgan took the opening match 1-4.

Carbon then found its groove against Gunnison. Scovill won 8-4 in second singles and Cameron Jones won 8-2 in third singles. Meanwhile, Alex Callahan and Zac Gregersen were victorious 8-3 in first doubles while Garrett Bryner and Nathan Bauduin were dominate 8-0 in second doubles. The Dinos went on to defeat the Bulldogs 4-1.

Then, against Union, Derrick Jorgensen won 8-3 in first singles. Jones once more won 8-4 in third singles while Callahan and Gregersen won 8-3 in first doubles. Bryner and Bauduin also took their match 8-1 in second doubles. Carbon beat Union by a score of 4-1.

The Dinos then swept San Juan 5-0. Jorgensen won 8-3, Scovill won 8-6 and Jones won 8-3. In first doubles, Callahan and Gregersen won 8-2 while Bauduin and Dresden Miller won 8-2 in second doubles.

In the final match, Carbon played the host, Uintah. The Utes had their way with the Dinos and took it 5-0. In the end, Carbon played well in the tournament and finished 3-2. The Dinos will next host Canyon View on Tuesday before playing at South Sevier on Thursday.

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