Dinos Receive Reinforcements


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

Making their return to the pitch, the Dinos are excited for another season and the general strength of their group. While Carbon lost seven seniors from last year, the overall talent level on the roster is a sign for optimism. “We have some pretty strong players,” began head coach Chad Cowdell. “It’s the highest level of players we have had in a while.”

Returning starters will receive a boost from a skilled freshman class that is looking to make in impact immediately. “We will see how things go, but freshman will play varsity this year.” Cowdell continued, “My biggest concern for them is the speed of the game.”

In addition to a wave of freshmen, the Dinos also have a few foreign exchange students who hope to strengthen the core of the team. “We train as a full group. It’s effective,” commented Cowdell. The joint practice certainly helps the squad come together and operate as one unit.

When it comes to strategy, the Dinos will remain with their core formation and continue to build off of it. The goal is for the footballers to become a cohesive group, which will lead to success.

Carbon has a tough schedule with games against Manti, Cedar and Hurricane at the onset of the season. “The first five games will be a test,” added Cowdell. Region play will also be a challenge with newcomer Canyon View in the mix to go along with Richfield and Emery.

One area of focus this year is to finish off offensive attacks and set pieces. “[A weakness last year was] finishing, putting the ball in the net,” Cowdell explained. “We controlled games, but would lose or tie or win by one. We’ve got to be better.”

But again, the Dinos believe they have the guys to do it. “We have a high level of players; we will see how they develop. It’s always fun.” Cowdell concluded, “We’re excited.”

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