Disney’s “High School Musical” Presented by Emery High Theater Department


By Julie Johansen

The Emery High theater department presented Disney’s “High School Musical” on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday evenings, as well as a matinee on Saturday afternoon. The middle schools were invited to pre-performance on Thursday afternoon.

The 2006 film was recreated by a large group of Emery High theater students. The lead roles in the production were double cast with a yellow and blue cast with each group performing three times during the different presentations.

The plot of the story tells of two teens who meet on New Year’s Eve and eventually become students at the same school, East High.

Troy Bolton, played by Beckham Kelley and Karson Anderson, and Gabriella Montez, played by Carley Young and Sophia Gardner, become friends and both audition for the high school musical. When they receive call backs, Sharpay Evans, played by Natalie Pace and Charity Jewkes, and Ryan Evans, played by Tyson Laws and Keagan Bennett, are upset. The rivalry begins and divides social groups of students.

Troy is also a basketball player for the school and his father, played by Karson Anderson and Jack Bell, is Coach Bolton. This causes misunderstandings between the drama teacher, Amy Sorensen and Emily Pace, and the coach.

A large cast completes the high school scenes with cheerleaders, chemistry and drama students, and their own radio announcer, Jack Scott, played by Jack Bell and Carter Sitterud. The musical was managed by theater teacher Angela Paskett, vocal coach Tasha Jewkes and director Sarah Wolford.

Crowds filled the high school auditorium for all six performances.

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