Donated Bridge to be Constructed for Price Mountain Bike Course


Stock Photo by Jeff Barrett

The Price City Council hosted a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday evening, where the topic of conversation focused largely on the mountain bike course.

Particularly, the council discussed the consideration and possible approval of accepting the donation of a bridge to span Mead’s Wash on the city’s course. Furthermore, the council would need to authorize the commencement of the design and construction of the project with oversight from Price City Public Works Director Miles Nelson.

Nelson explained that the project was reviewed in a workshop and there is a local businessman that wishes to donate a bridge for the course, including all materials that would be needed. In terms of costs for the city, a FEMA application and permit-related expenses would need to be considered.

Councilman Layne Miller acknowledge that it is amazing that there is a resident that has the skill, the desire, and the ability to make something like this and then donate it to the city.

Councilwoman Amy Knott-Jespersen explained that during one of the races last year, there was a huge storm in Kenilworth the night before. Even though it was miles away, it came down and washed out the course, flooding it in two spots.

The coaches woke up at 5 a.m. that morning to dump sand and dirt in the flooded areas in preparation for the race that was expected to begin at 8 a.m. that same day. In order to avoid something like that in the future, Councilwoman Jespersen explained, the bridge would be very handy.

From there, the council moved to approve both the donation and the dollar amount required for the engineering portion of the project.

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