Drive-by Parade Bids Adieu to Castle Valley Center’s Michael Keller


It was announced in 2019 that long-time Castle Valley Center (CVC) Principal Michael Keller would soon be entering into his retirement years.

With the spread of COVID-19 a concern to many, a normal farewell celebration was not something to easily pull off. To properly honor all that Keller has done for countless individuals through his service at the Castle Valley Center, a drive-by parade was organized for him.

Those that participated in the celebration lined up and pulled their respective vehicles through the loop located in front of the center. Many vehicles were decorated with an assortment of festive markings and Keller was even honored with a firetruck in attendance.

Keller has worked in education for 43 years. A Price native, he graduated from Carbon High before attending the College of Eastern Utah and serving a two-year mission for his church. He then graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in industrial education.

“I still can see the look on the faces of great men like Jim Powell, Beven Young, Loren Bailey, Bill Bate, Paul Dupan and many others who were my teachers growing up when seeing me at that first teacher meeting in the fall of 1977,” Keller shared. “I know they were saying to themselves, ‘What is the world coming to when Mike Keller becomes a teacher?'”

The Carbon School District recognized the gem it had secured in Keller as he served the district, its staff and its students for years, working with at least 10 different superintendents during his tenure. “I have worked and currently work with the best of the best,” he said. “I see examples of love and caring every day in my work. Most of all I have to say that I have worked with, taught and given support to the best students and adults with disabilities anywhere. I see unconditional love given each day from our students and our staff. It has truly been a memorable career for me when I look back at all the wonderful people I have associated with in education.”

The Carbon School District has echoed what many have said throughout the years, praising Keller for his dedication and service to the district and the community. “We are grateful for Mike sharing his love, support and always offering whatever else is needed,” the district shared. “He is the definition of unconditional and that’s what made his community at Castle Valley Center so special.”

The community was also encouraged to honor Keller’s legacy by posting a special message, photo or video for him on a Facebook page that was created for this purpose. The page is entitled Mr. Keller’s Drive Through Retirement Celebration and the many messages may be viewed here.

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