DWR Conservation Officers Remind Public of Wasting Laws


Photo Courtesy of the Utah DWR

DWR News Release

After a recent case where someone shot 27 waterfowl and left the birds to waste, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is reminding the public that it is illegal to harvest wildlife and leave the meat to waste.

In November, DWR conservation officers received a report from a concerned resident who had found 27 birds that had been shot and left to waste. Upon further investigation, officers discovered the waterfowl had been dumped near a gravel pit in Millard County, and none of the meat had been harvested from any of the birds.

The birds left to waste included:

  • Five Canada geese
  • 21 mallards
  • One green wing teal

Investigating officers were able to gather additional evidence at the scene that led to identifying the individual responsible, and a citation was issued.

“The individual involved in this case said that they wasted the birds because they ‘did not know how to make ducks taste good,’” DWR Officer Stetson West said. “Many Utahns hunt to provide meat for their families, so allowing any wildlife to waste is selfish and takes away that opportunity from others who would benefit from the harvested wildlife.”

It is illegal to allow protected wildlife to be wasted and can result in a class B misdemeanor.

Visit the DWR website for various recipes that can provide ideas for ways to cook game meat.

Anyone with information regarding any wildlife-related crimes in Utah is encouraged to report it to DWR conservation officers in one of the following ways:

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