Dynamics Return to Action


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

The Dino Dynamics return to competition with their largest squad yet. The vast majority of the 37 girls on the team are returning for another season, including seven seniors.

“It’s a big team. With this many girls, I was super nervous about that because we’ve never had this big of a team,” head coach Nicole Bennett began. “But, they are shining on the floor. They work really hard. We’re excited; all four coaches are really excited to get this year going.”

With over 20 returners, Carbon is looking forward to a fun year. “This team is really strong. They are going to be bringing it this year. Our routines are really solid, our choreography really is good. They just click on the floor.” Bennett continued, “They are just all talented. When they’re on the floor, they just mesh really well.”

Carbon will compete in three different categories, including military, dance and show. Show includes prop, character and hip hop all in one routine. The Dynamics will also compete in two auxiliary categories, hip hop and pom. Their competition schedule includes three invitationals, region and state spanning from December to January.

“I’m super excited to see where we are. I really think that we are going to be in a really good spot.” Bennett added, “I have a lot of faith in them, and they have a lot of faith in themselves.”

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