Eagles Pick Up 5th Straight Victory


Photo by Jeff Barrett

By Calvin Jensen

The Eagles asserted their dominance on their home court against the College of Southern Nevada on Saturday afternoon. USU Eastern secured an impressive 112-81 victory, showcasing its strength in every aspect of the game.

Eastern’s offensive game was key to the success, boasting a 62.3% field goal accuracy that underscored the team’s efficiency in converting scoring opportunities. The Eagles’ three-point shooting was equally impressive, shooting 62.5% from the field, highlighting their ability to capitalize on long-range shots and keep the Coyotes on their toes.

Standout performances from key players fueled the Eagles’ success. Martel Williams once again led the scoring charge with 29 points and nine rebounds, while Ethan Copeland showcased his sharpshooting skills with six out of seven three-pointers, contributing 23 points to the team’s total. Dyson Lighthall’s presence in the paint added another dimension to the team’s offense, chipping in with 16 points and eight rebounds.

Defensively, Utah State Eastern exercised discipline, limiting turnovers to just seven throughout the game. The Eagles’ ability in shot-blocking and stealing was evident, accumulating a total of eight blocks and eight steals collectively.

The final score of 112-81 secures the No.1 spot for the Eagles (12-3, 2-0) in Scenic West standings as they travel north this week to take on the College of Southern Idaho (13-5, 2-0) and North Idaho College (12-6, 0-2).

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