Earthquake Lady Speaks About Disasters at Active Re-Entry


Life can change in an instant.

Sometimes changes come by way of earthquakes or floods. Other times it may be a smaller, more personal change such as a local flood or power outage. But no matter what it is if one is not prepared properly, one’s life can be thrown off course. Sometimes being unprepared can be life-threatening, especially if one has a disability or major medical issue.

On Friday, Utah Department of Public Safety Community Outreach Specialst Maralin Hoff spoke at Active Re-Entry.

Hoff is known as the “Earthquake Lady.” She showed displays and material regarding the importance of keeping oneself safe and what should be done in the event of an earthquake or emergency.

Although the training was open to the public, many of the attendees were inviduals with disablities. The small, intimate setting at the Active Re-Entry facility gave them theВ opportunityВ to ask questions more specific to issues in emergency situations that may be unique to their specific needs.

There was also information on how to be prepared to keep one’s pet or service animal safe during an emergency.

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