East Carbon Council addresses reckless ATV motorists


During Tuesday’s East Carbon city council meeting, a few of the city’s residents came together to discuss the current issue with ATV’s and other recreational vehicles and the recent law that was passed to “share the road’. While many of East Carbon’s citizens are all for this new motion, there are some big concerns about safety that are now reaching out to more than just city officials.

People taking advantage of their newfound freedom to ride recreational vehicles along city roads has become a concern. There have been underage drivers speeding through town, often times without appropriate safety gear or regard of the laws that apply to other motorists. Community members are В frustrated, wanting riders to obey the speed limit of 20 miles per hour, and also concerned about the safety of the riders themselves.

Mayor LaFontaine stated that he would do everything he could to control the situation; even giving out his personal number during the meeting so that when these problems occur, concerned citizens may call him instead of  police. City council members made it clear that in the instance of ATV’s breaking the law, calling 911 or dispatch wouldn’t be a good idea because it’s not an immediate emergency that should be tying up the dispatch phone line. Instead, they encourage people to report these incidents to either city council members or the mayor himself.

Beyond reporting the incidents, community members themselves have decided to start up a neighborhood watch to make sure that these laws are enforced. Meetings will be held soon to form В the neighborhood watch. While the police are doing what they can to make sure the community is safe, the council believes В placing neighborhood watch throughout the town will help control the situation.

With that said, city council ordered 18 speed limit signs as a reminder to drivers of all vehicles to obey the law and keep safe. If these measures don’t help the issue soon, the privilege will be taken away.

“I urge you to tell your neighbors that the town is going to lose ATV privileges if residents are not more vigilant about it,”  said LaFontaine.

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