Eat Well Utah Presents Participation Award


Press Release

The Utah Department of Health and Human Services (UDHHS) has a new statewide initiative, known as Eat Well Utah. The Southeast Utah Health Department (SEUHD) is pleased to announce that Utah State University Eastern (USUE) is the first recipient of this award in Carbon County.

By participating in Eat Well Utah USUE worked with state and local health department liaisons to identify how to better serve their patrons by utilizing the “healthy choice the easy choice.” This may include making changes to their food choices, recipes, product placement, or signage.

USUE and Eat Well Utah pledges to follow these guidelines: “As a food vendor, we recognize the importance of a balanced, nutritious diet to help reduce obesity and preventable chronic diseases, and to promote wellness. We are dedicated to providing access to healthy food choices. Our participation in this initiative demonstrates our commitment to the health and wellness of the community we serve….”

Your state and local health department are dedicated to making healthy food the new normal whether at home or away by providing better food venues for healthier choices.

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