Pet of the Week | Dean & Sam


Dean, the 10-week-old puppy, is a bundle of joy looking for his forever home! This playful pup loves toys, treats, and making new friends, including dogs, cats, and kids. While he’s still mastering potty training, Dean’s eager to learn and please. As a high-energy breed, he thrives on activity but also adores snuggling up after a fun-filled day. If you’re ready for endless love and laughter, Dean is the perfect match for your family! Adopt him today and let the adventures begin.

Sam, Dean’s adorable brother, is ready to be your loyal sidekick! This 10-week-old cutie loves playtime, cuddles, and making new friends with everyone he meets. Sam’s working hard on potty training and is eager to please. With his high energy and affectionate nature, he’s the ideal companion for adventures and snuggles alike. If you’re looking for a furry best friend to share life’s joys, Sam is the one for you! Adopt him today and let the fun begin.

For more information, please contact Castle Valley Animal Rescue at (435) 315-2081 or @cvarescue

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