EC Commission Renews Service Agreement For Aquatic Center


A service agreement between Honeywell Building Solutions and Emery County was considered and renewed for the Emery County Aquatic Center at Tuesday’s commission meeting.

The contract had expired and the commission said, “it’s a good value for the money.” This is the third time the contract has been renewed with Honeywell since the pool opened. There is already money set aside in the budget for payment.

The service agreement would cover all electrical failures the aquatic center might encounter. Emery County Commissioner James Nelson said the agreement is a kind of “warranty.”


  • Commissioners opened bids for renovations of bathrooms and installation of flooring throughout 24 apartments owned by the Emery County Housing Authority locations in Castle Dale and Ferron. Commissioners opened the five bidsВ and a motion was made to move the item to the next meeting so the bids can be looked over more carefully before choosing.
  • Commissioners tabled a motion that would consider and approve a Letter of Understanding for aВ feasibility study with Siemens Industry to estimate the implementation costs and the energy and operations savings of facility improvement measures at the Emery County libraries. To help save energy, the group is willing to find grants and funding to re-roof the Castle Dale Library. There should be no costs for the county to pay for this service. However, there has been budgeting set aside for some re-roofing of the library.
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