Economic Development Board Focuses on Economic Vitality


Ryan Pugh (left), Carbon County Commissioner Larry Jensen (middle) and Carbon County Chamber of Commerce President Max Jones (right)

The Economic Development Board of Carbon County took time to explain its efforts during the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce March luncheon last week. Carbon County Commissioner Larry Jensen and board member Ryan Pugh addressed those in attendance.

The board consists of five members, including Jensen, Pugh, Layne Miller, John Richens and Zak Konakis. These members work to allocate funds received from the state specifically for economic development. This year, the money received from the state was about $90,000, which is a decrease from the expected $200,000 due to COVID-19.

The funds are used with the express goal of increasing economic vitality in Carbon County. This includes supporting a business hoping to expand, funding infrastructure projects and more. The funds granted by the Economic Development Board must be matched by the requestor.

Commissioner Jensen gave an example of this program as Intermark Steel, which was a recent recipient of funds. The company is using the money to expand its business with new equipment that will broaden its offerings.

The board receives funding on a fiscal basis, which runs from the end of June through the first of July each year. With only a couple months left in the fiscal year, about $10,000 remains to be allocated. Commissioner Jensen encouraged those interested in receiving funds to apply now before the pot is empty.

To learn more about applying for funding from the Economic Development Board, contact Carbon County Economic Development Specialist Rita Vigor. She can be contacted by phone at (435) 636-3295 or by email at

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