Egley Prepares for Further Proceedings, Desires to Enter into Guilty Plea


Thomas Edward Egley appeared Monday in the Seventh District Court for further proceedings in a 46-year-old cold case, which has recently received local and state-wide attention.

Egley appeared before Judge George M. Harmond at the time. It was ruled that the date of Egley’s next appearance be moved to Oct. 17 to confirm the preliminary hearing which was, at the time, projected to take place during a series of days later in the month.

Before the day had ended, however, the defense council informed officials of Egley’s desire to enter a guilty plea.

In light of said recent development, further proceedings have been scheduled for Egley, which will take place Oct. 11 at 8:45 a.m. It is anticipated that, while there, Egley will waive his preliminary hearing and plead guilty to criminal homicide charges.

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