Pirate’s Den Teen Center Hosts Lights On Event


Right off of Green River’s Main Street by the local clinic, look for an old airport hanger and that’s where it’s at. Also, there’s the giant watermelon in front, that’s impossible to miss.

Though looking for the Pirate’s Den Teen Center may sound a bit like a scavenger hunt, the X marks the spot where youth may participate in a number of activities and services aimed at helping them succeed. Recently, the center opened its doors for a single night of fun, activities and much more.

Monday night found locals throughout the community of Green River taking part in a Lights On event at the center, aimed at introducing the center and its services to the community.

Though the center is usually open exclusively to 12 to 18-year-olds, for Monday’s event it opened its doors to family members of all ages to come and enjoy the center, which features games for youth to enjoy such as video games, Foosball, table tennis and more as well as a chance for students to receive help in academia.

The night concluded with students taking part in a lantern release as paper lanterns were released into the sky.

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