EHS Drama Department Presents “Into The Woods”


By Julie Johansen

“Into the Woods,” the first major production for Katherine DeBry as the new director of the Emery High Drama Department, was performed on Thursday through Saturday as well as Monday evening at the Emery High auditorium. A large cast and many musical numbers told the intertwined plots of various fairytales, including Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel and Cinderella.

The narrator, Danika Farley, guided the audience through the story of a childless baker and his wife on their journey to have a child. A witch had placed a curse upon them and they interacted with the fairytale characters on their quest into the woods.

The musical was directed by Kathrine DeBry, along with assistant director Faryn Hulse, choreographer Brooklyn Johansen, and assistance from Angela Paskett, Ammon Sorensen, Darline Debry and the EHS stage crew. Some of the main characters included Cinderella, played by Kadrianne Bird, Michael Wickman as Jack, Aubrey Guymon as Little Red Riding Hood, Allee Sitterud as Rapunzel, and Taj Whitesel as the wolf.

Several of these characters had understudies, making the cast even larger. The large crowds were pleased each night of the production.

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