EHS Faculty Edges Students in Talent Showdown


In a battle that featured Emery High Students against their teachers, it was the teachers that came out on top, if only by a slight margin.

The final score in the contest was 7-6, with the teachers edging the students. But the students vowed retribution next year.

The teachers just laughed and Lee Moss, a teacher, quipped, “you all wish you could be as talented as us. You never will be so stop trying!”

The talents ranged from dancing, cake decorating, rubik’s cube revenge, among others. Tyler Rubio, a student, had a stand-up competition with Neal Peacock.

Genevieve Lake and Dawnette Tuttle judged the competition. The judges, along with Peacock and the student council, came up with another way to judge the competition that would also help out students who fall upon hard times. Three jars were set up for donations, two by the judges to represent the teachers and students, and one set up that was used as a swing vote. One-hundred dollars was raised during the competition that will be deposited in an account set up to help students in need.

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