Steven Taylor Talks Paiute Indians at EC Historical Society Meeting


Steven Taylor of Fremont, UT was invited to April’s Emery County Historical Society Meeting on Thursday where he gave a presentation on the Paiute Tribe of Indians.

Taylor spoke about the Paiute’sВ disappearance in the first part of the nineteenth century.

“I think the evidence is very clear that the slave trade on the Old Spanish Trail is what wiped out the Paiutes,” Taylor said.

The presentation included information about the tribe’s area and several people’s accounts and encounters with them. Most commented on the absence of the Paiutes in the areas they normally inhabited.

The historical society’s next meeting is a secret trek to be held in May. The date and location have not been disclosed.

Those interested in watching Taylor’s presentation may do so by tuning in to ETV Channel 10 next week.

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