Elementary NASP World Archery Championship Results


Photo Courtesy of Natalie Greenhalgh

The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) World Championship was held June 6 through June 8 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Students from both Creekview Elementary and Castle Heights Elementary participated in the events. There were 208 competitors in the girl’s division and 242 in the boy’s division.

For the Castle Heights team, starting in the IBO 3-D Challenge, the team placed thirteenth out of the 34 teams. They scored 2934 points with 54 tens hit. The girls’ team was led by Kezlee Greenhalgh scoring 255 points, placing 33 overall, scoring eight tens in the event. Eliza Pitcher scored 254 points, with nine tens hit, ranking in the 38th spot, followed by Sophie Francis with 243 points, ranking at 59, with three tens hit. The remaining girls were Lola Lasslo (226), Chloe Lasslo (217), Alissa Sinclair (217).

On the boy’s side, Tucker Lamb led the team with 247 points, had nine tens hit and ranked at number 92. Right behind him was Vincent Porter with 247 points as well, with eight tens hit, placing him at 93. Findlay Clark finished with 246 points, seven tens hit and ranked at 99 in the event, followed by Bridger Christensen (242), Kaizyn Hansen (223), Bader Arthur (210), Porter Hanson (195) and Andrew Seeley (188).

In the Bullseye Event, with 439 competitors in the boy’s division and 356 in the girls’ division, Castle Heights finished in twelfth place out of the 26 teams. Starting with the girls, Greenhalgh led again with 256 points and eight tens hit, ranking at number 53. Francis scored 254, with three tens hit, finishing at the 105 spot. Lola Lasslo scored 248, with seven tens hit, ending in the 122 position, followed by Pitcher (246), Sinclair (241) and Chloe Lasslo (235).

For the boys, Lamb led the way with 269 points and eight tens scored, ranking at number 53. Porter was next with 256 points and five tens hit, placing in the 121 spot, followed by Hansen (242), Clark (238), Christensen (233), Hanson (217), Arthur (213) and Seeley (190).

For the athletes from Creekview Elementary, in the IBO 3-D Challenge, Kelton Carlisle led the team. Carlisle finished with 261 points and 10 tens hit, ranking at number 50 in the event. Jett Christensen followed with 257 points, five tens hit, earned him a ranking in the 71 position. Cash Mabbutt was next, scoring 254 and nine tens hit, placing at 76, following was Cash Marsing (249) and Wyatt Greenhaulgh (200). On the girls’ side, KaeLee Nelson led the team with 237 points, four tens hit, ranked in the 80 position, followed by Avery Quinones (217), Zamber Dart (213), Bentley Davis (207) and Emberly Hanson (181).

In the Bullseye event, the team finished fourteenth overall. For the boys, Mabbutt led the way with 265 points, seven tens hit and placed number 70 in the event. Carlisle followed with 263 points and 10 tens hit, finishing at 79. Marsing was next with 254 points, seven tens hit, placing 129, followed by Christensen (246) and Greenhalgh (224). In the girls’ event, Dart led the team with 266 points and eight tens hit, placing 45 in the event. Nelson followed with 259 points and seven tens hit, placing 77 overall, followed by Davis (224), Quinones (222) and Hanson (177).

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