CHS Places Second at NASP World Archery Championship


Photos Courtesy of Liz Trostle

The Carbon Dinos archery team traveled to Daytona Beach Florida for a three-day tournament. The team competed in both Bullseye and the IBO 3-D Challenge. Carbon would have an excellent showing, placing second overall out of 44 teams in the IBO 3-D Challenge. They also placed thirteenth overall out of 44 teams in Bullseye.

Starting in the IBO 3-D Challenge, the girls division had 294 competitors and the boys had 319 competitors. Lexi Cowley was incredible, finishing at the overall number 10 archer with a score of 290 and 22 tens hit in the girl’s division. Following closely behind was Maggie Truman, who also had a fantastic showing with 288 points and 19 tens hit, placing her at number 16 overall. Bayleigh Sinclair would also impress, scoring 283, with 18 tens hit, ranking at the 24 spot. Following was McKenzie Fredrickson (253), Lecia Gurule (246), Alizah Trostle (243), Keghan Madrid (235) and Jennifer Gurule (194).

On the boys’ side, Spencer Pitcher led the way, scoring 285 points, with 21 tens hit, placing at number 40 in the group. Bracken Hanson was next with 280 points and 13 tens hit, placing at 68 on the day. Cole Arthur ended with 270 points and 13 tens hit, finishing in the 118 position. They were followed by Seth Jensen (268), Michael Weber (268) and Wyatt Carlile (259).

Moving on to the Bullseye portion of the event, Spencer Pitcher had an excellent showing, placing at number seven overall out of the massive 497 competitors. Pitcher finished the event with a score of 294 and 25 tens hit. Bracken Hanson followed with a score of 286 and 18 tens hit, finishing at 63. Following was Weber (278), Jensen (272), Carlisle (251) and Arthur (249).

For the girls, Bayleigh Sinclair led the way with an excellent score of 291, with 21 tens hit, placing 11 overall out of the 460 competitors in the division. Lexi Cowley followed with 283 points, with 13 tens hit, placing at the 62 spot in the large field of competitors. Maggie Truman scored 281, with 13 tens hit, finishing at the 80 position. Alizah Trostle finished with a score of 272 and 12 tens hit, placing at 184. Followed by Allie Bryner (269), Fredrickson (255), L. Gurule (323), Madrid (227) and J. Gurule (200).

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