Elmo Town Considers Budget for 2024-2025


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By Julie Johansen

A public hearing opened the Elmo Town Council meeting on Tuesday, May 14 at 7:30 p.m. The purpose of the hearing was to receive input on the proposed budget for 2024-2025. There were no citizens at the meeting for comments, so the hearing was closed and the council returned to their regular meeting.

The first item on the agenda was an opportunity for citizens’ concerns. Hearing no concerns from citizens, council members discussed a problem with an influx of cats in the community.

The next item for discussion was the lease of the Emery School District land, next to the where the dumpsters are stationed. Macade Jensen stated that he would like to make some improvements there to increase the availability of public recreation for horsemanship activities, such as Ultimate Frisbee on horseback. He would like to incorporate these activities in to Elmo’s Horse and Buggy Days celebration. The council decided to continue to lease the land and renew the lease next year.

Elmo town will advertise for a part-time maintenance employee. The present town employee had found other employment and will no longer have the time to keep up with the needs of the town.

Council member Tara Augare reported on her Recreation Board member responsibilities. She stated that the floor at the Rec. Center in Castle Dale had been removed, but was not smooth enough for the new floor to be installed, and it was being redone. The floor probably wouldn’t be ready for use until about July.

Mayor James Winn reported that the surveys sent out by the Special Service District were required by the state and should be returned by mail or could be done online. He will ask the Emery High seniors to clean up the streets coming and leaving Elmo Town on their day of service, which is Thursday, May 16.

The council then began to review the proposed town budget for the coming year. There were a few changes and adjustments in their various departments. They had a few questions that Gabbe Brotherson, Elmo Town Clerk, was able to help them with.

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