Elmo Welcomes New Mayor


Elmo Mayor Clark Atwood was sworn into office Wednesday at the Elmo City Council Meeting.

Atwood, a councilman for the past six years, said he was looking forward to the new challenge.

“I’m excited,” Atwood said. “I’ve seen how the Town has progressed over the years, and I’ve also seen some of the problems we’ve had. I’m excited to see what kind of changes I can make.”

Atwood said his early focus would be on controlling the Elmo’s current animal problem. Atwood also said he would like to update the Town’s ordinances because some of them were severely outdated.

“I want to set things more into the future,” Atwood said.

Atwood spoke about wanting to secure grants for youth facilities and helping promote general growth in the Town.

Atwood said he would continue his duties as Elmo’s fire chief, but stressed that the sitting councilmen wouldn’t allow a conflict of interest.

“I’ve had some concerns, but the Town is still regulated by a majority vote from the council and they can always overrule me,” Atwood said.

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