Emergency Warning System Testing Scheduled for East Carbon Area


On Nov. 27, a second test of the Community Alert Warning System (CAWS) designed and built by Alex Vajda will be run in the cities of East Carbon/Sunnyside at 5 p.m.

On the last test, several problems were discovered and he believes they have been worked out.

This system is designed to let the community know of an impending or actual emergency.

It uses a very unique audio sound replicating an air raid siren with an English two-tone sound interrupted 10 times per second. The CAWS system has voice capabilities both from a microphone at its location and two-way FM broadcast to announce to the community what is happening. The system also will use FM radio broadcast to cover more area than the CAWS system will. For the purpose of this test, the FM broadcast will be on 104.3 mhz on the FM dial.

Vajda will have people located around town to determine the sound coverage of the unit.

If the test is successful, a production unit will be built. At that time, the production unit will be installed with the approval of the city council.

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