Emery and Carbon Battle at Juab Meet


Photo by Maxwell Misner

The Juab Wasps hosted a meet Friday in Nephi with the Carbon Dinos, Emery Spartans and Canyon View Falcons.

Starting out with the Girls 100m Dash, Carbon’s Brooklyn Lowe claimed the second-place finish (13.62), followed by her teammates Mia Crompton (13.68) and Blythe Bradford (13.69). Emery’s Abby Morris placed fifth (13.79) and Lady Dino Jordan Shorts (13.97) finished in seventh.

In the Boys 100m Dash, Creek Sharp of Emery placed second with a time of 11.24. Benjamin Simms (12.03) of Carbon finished in the seventh spot.

In the Girls 100m hurdles, Emery’s Kabree Gordon (18.22), followed by Carbon’s Mckinlie Sharp (18.74) finished in the third spot. Camryn Frandsen (19.71) and Josie Jespersen (20.07) finished in sixth and seventh for the Lady Dinos.

For the Boys 110m Hurdles, Matthew Olsen placed first for Emery, with a quick time of 15.97. Following him was Carbon’s Riley Palmer (18.07) in fourth, Bradley Sweeney (18.55) in fifth and Carter Branch (18.72) placed sixth.

Crompton did well in the 200m Dash, placing third with a time of 27.72, followed by her teammates Lowe (28.32) in fourth, Lisa King (29.45) in eighth, and Jespersen (29.49) rounding out the top ten finish.

On the boy’s side, Sharp would finish in third again with a time of 22.98. Carbon’s Kayden Vasquez finished in the ten spot with a time of 25.18.

In the 300m Hurdles, the hometown teams did well with Emery’s Gordon (50.12) claiming the second spot. She was followed by her teammates Carlie Hurst (53.61) in fifth, and Megan Stilson (53.84) in sixth. For the Lady Dinos, Rebecca Swasey (51.76) finished in third place, followed by Jespersen (51.93) in fourth and Frandsen (55.80) in ninth.

Olsen would once again claim the top spot on the boy’s side, followed by his teammates for Emery, Boston Huntington (44.97) in fourth and Jacob Morris (48.64) in ninth. Carbon’s Sweeney (45.11) claimed fifth, Branch (47.44) finished eighth and Carson Taylor (49.15) finished at the ten spot.

In the 400m Dash, Emery’s Gentry Christiansen (1:03.15) claimed second place and Molly Christiansen (1:05.93) finished in fifth. With Gianna White (1:04.27) of Carbon, placing third. For the boys, Dino Tanner Harker (57.26) placed seventh and Jaxon Jewkes (58.49) placed ninth.

In the Girls 800m Run, Addy Guymon (2:26.76) claimed the first-place finish, followed by her teammate Gentry Christiansen (2:35.06) in third place and Melody Lake (2:54.02) in seventh. For Carbon, Sophia Taylor (2:42.12) finished fifth, Ada Bradford (2:49.56) in sixth and McKenzie Fredrickson (2:54.74) in eighth.

Camdon Larsen placed first for the boys 800m Run, as the Spartan finished in 2:03.50. Followed by his teammates Jack Christiansen (2:04.51) in third place and Mason Hurdsman (2:12.73) in fifth. Carbon’s Evan Criddle (2:11.57) claimed the fourth spot, and Dallin Humes (2:18.58) finished in eighth.

Rozlyn Stowe had a great race in the 1600m Run, placing first with a time of 5:18.46. Followed by Sophia Taylor (5:51.95) in third, Ellie Hansen (6:05.08) in sixth for the Lady Dinos. Emery’s Addie Hurst (5:57.81) finished in fifth place for the Lady Spartans.

Camdon Larsen had another solid race, finishing in first place (4:43.34), with teammate Champ Justice (4:58.01) finishing in third. For the Dinos, Evan Criddle (5:02.93) placed fourth, Dallin Humes (5:03.63) placed sixth and Michael Weber (5:05.84) finished in seventh.

In the exhausting 3200m Run, for the girls, Carbon’s Ellie Hanson (13:18.14) placed second, followed by her teammates Kaylee Pitcher (14:02.22) in fourth and Ada Bradford (14:22.80) in fifth.

Dillon Larsen of Emery had a great race finishing in first-place in a time of 10:27.56 in the boys 3200m Run, with teammate Jacob Erickson (11:47.05) placing fifth. Carbon’s Evan Criddle (10:53.25) placed second in the event, followed by Michael Weber (11:25.33) in fourth.

In the throwing events, Emery’s Alexis Mcarther (87-3.0) placed second in Discus. Followed by teammates Dazi Thatcher (78-3.0) in fourth and Tatum Jensen (60-8.0) in tenth for the Lady Spartans. For the Lady Dinos, Bailey Johnson (74-1.0) finished in the fifth spot, Ella Morley (73-11.0) claimed sixth, Brookleigh Unsworth (69-7.0) in seventh and Alizah Trostle (62-8.0) finished in ninth.

In Girls Shot Put, Mcarther (29-1.75) placed in second, Johnson (27-7.5) finished third, Thatcher (26-7.75) placed fourth, Morley (25-10.75) finished fifth, Maleeyah Mecham (25-7.0) finished sixth and Trostle (20-9.0) placed tenth.

Carbon’s Traxton Jewkes finished in the seventh spot in boy’s Javelin with a throw of 135-4.0., followed by teammates Dexter Packard (133-4.75) finished in seventh and Jared Bryson (123-9.0) finished tenth.

On the girl’s side, Carbon’s Janyssa Wadley (90-9.0) finished in third place, with teammate, Rebecca Swaysey (88-3.5) placing fifth. For Emery, Abby Morris (90-0.0) finished in fourth, followed by Kabree Gordon (73-10.0) in seventh and Megan Stilson (73-10.00) placed eighth.

In the girl’s Long Jump, Carbon’s Jordan Shorts (16-4.5) finished in fourth, with teammate Blythe Bradford (16-3.25) placing fifth and Amiah Timothy (15-10.5) finishing in seventh. For Emery, Megan Stilson (15.11.5) placed sixth. Kabree Gordon and Abby Morris (15-10.00. finished in eighth.

Dino, Traxton Jewkes jumped 20-10.5 in the boys Long Jump, placing fourth overall. Following him was Spartan, Matthew Olsen (20-9.25) placing fifth. Ethan Prettyman (20-6.5) placed sixth for the Dinos, Dexter Packard (19-11.5) placed eighth and Jaxon Jewkes (19-4.5) finished tenth.

Megan Stilson of Emery placed first place overall with a 5-0.0 jump in the High Jump. Followed by her teammate, Abby Morris (5-0.0) in second. For Carbon, Emily Dufour (4-11.0) placed fourth and Amiah Timothy (4-7.0) placed sixth.

In the relay events, Emery, Lady Spartan placed first in the 4×400 Relay (4:15.85) with the Lady Dinos in second (4:16.57) in a close battle. The Spartan boys placed second in the 4×400 with a time of 3:37.57.

The final results had the Carbon girls placing in second, boys in fourth. Emery girls and boys both placed third. The overall scores were, Canyon View (354.00), Juab (275.50), Carbon (270.50) and Emery (247.00).

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