Emery County Business Chamber Talks Websites at Lunch and Learn


On Wednesday, the Emery County Business Chamber hosted its May Lunch and Learn at the Museum of the San Rafael. The topic revolved around website training and development as well as the benefits to businesses from having a website.

To start the lunch, chamber president Julie Jones announced the Emery County Business Chamber business of the month as Cindi’s Lil Country Store located in Cleveland.

Talk of websites began with Darcy Powell, owner and creator of The Forbidden Fruit Sweet Shoppe, as she spoke to the group about the importance of creating a fan page on Facebook to bring attention to a business.

Guest speaker Jared Anderson discussed the benefits of being online to establish brand and credibility. He explained that the best way to keep ahead of the competition is to get businesses online. It helps save money, keeps customers informed, allows accessibility, expands the market, showcases work, saves time and improves customer service. Anderson also discussed how Google Analytics can display what is trending and historical data of website traffic.

Guest speaker Keith Brady, owner of Brady Creative and Robbers Roost Motel in Green River, discussed the Content Management System (CMS) and layout for websites. He explained the importance of social media and how social media sites can help get more exposure to businesses.

Toole Business Resource Center Manager and guest speaker Ryan Murray discussed knowing where a business stands. Where is a business today, what has worked and what has not? What is the reason for being online? He talked about the importance of getting help when needed to have a successful website.

Finally, chamber board member Patsy Stoddard thanked the guest speakers for the work they put into their presentations. She went on to explain the importance of spending money locally to support local businesses.

For more information about a custom web design for a business, contact Angie Child at achild@emerytelcom.com.

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