Emery County Commission Approves Agreements and Contracts


By Julie Johansen

The Emery County Commissioners met on Tuesday, Nov. 21. Their meeting began with a Safety Minute Presentation by the Emery County Weed and Mosquito Department. Cory Worwood spoke about eye protection.

Worwood said that 90% of eye injuries could be prevented with protective eyewear, such as glasses. Only about one-third of eye injury is caused by harmful chemicals. The important thing to remember is to put your glasses back on when you take them off to clean.

Safety Visa gift cards recipients were then drawn and the lucky employees were Suzanne Anderson, Becky Jewkes, Kurt Stevens, Dustin Deto, Stephanie Mead and Shaylee Richards.

The cooperative agreement with Utah State University Extension Service and Emery County was approved for $90,000 with the addition that the agreement be extended for four to five years. A cost-of-living, one-time payment for employees was then approved in the amount of $3,000 for full-time employees and $1,500 for part-time employees.

Funds from transient room taxes (TRT) up to $13,000 were approved for Green River City to help with events. This would make it possible to buy things like canopies, which have previously been stored in western Emery County. It was explained that most of the TRT funds come from Green River’s tourism.

The Emery County Tourism Office received permission to advertise a request for qualifications for an event coordinator for the county. The current contract expires on Feb. 16, 2024.

A contract in the amount of $10,000 with Los Aviles, LLC and Emery County to remove uneven and trip hazard concrete at the Huntington City Library was approved. It was also approved that Los Aviles, LLC would repair the concrete with a new sidewalk, entryway, ramp and handrail at the library. This contract was in the amount of $21,500 with funds from an American With Disabilities Act grant.

All the libraries in the county will have heart monitors made available through an agreement with American Heart Association and Emery County Libraries. This agreement was reviewed by Emery County Attorney Mike Olsen before approval.

Dan Hunter, a member of the board working with Traditions Health Care, reported to the commission that a lease agreement that they had been working on for over a year was ready for approval. The board was recommending to the commission that the lease agreement be approved.

Hunter stated the board felt that funds were being handled correctly, occupancy rates were good, accounts receivable were steady and everyone seemed to be doing their work. Approval was made pending approval from the Emery County Attorney.

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