Emery County Commission Prepares for New Year


By Julie Johansen

Maegan Crosland, Emery County Commission Executive Assistant, began Tuesday’s commission meeting with the Safety Minute presentation entitled “Sitting vs. Standing.” She spoke about the importance of exercise even during the work day. Crosland explained all the body functions that can be affected by sitting for long periods of time. She also suggested that standing workstations at a desk can be very advantageous.

Following her presentation, Commissioner Keven Jensen stated that there had been 129 days with no loss of time accident among the county employees and awarded the safety Visa gift cards to the following individuals: Danae’ Jensen, Lane Taylor, Ken Anderson and Terry Seager.

It was stated that the 2024 responsibilities of the commissioners will remain the same as they have just been assigned for a short time. Added to the responsibilities list was that Crosland will continue to help with the commission agenda and training of other commissioner assistants. A Memorandum of Understanding between Emery County and the Emery County Business Chamber’s 2024 Youth Entrepreneur Program was approved. This will permit $10,000 to be donated to the program.

Funds left over from the 2023 Business Improvement Grant funds will be added to the 2024 program. These funds were not used by businesses and returned to the chamber. Also, $55,000 of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds will be transferred to the Emery County Business Chamber. These funds were to help businesses during the pandemic.

Emery County Attorney Mike Olsen then addressed the commission, recommending that a settlement be signed to release litigation regarding the pharmaceutical companies in the opioid lawsuits. The settlement funds will be allocated between joint opioid plaintiffs and outside counsel.

The Utah Communications Authority will be co-locating with Emery County at the Emery/Moore projects. They will be adding equipment to strengthen the transmitting from that station. A change order was also approved on the Millfork Canyon Summer Monsoon and Flood Project. This will be done by Emery County Special Service District #1.

The commission assigned the remaining 2023 Mineral Lease Cap Overage Funds, an allocated $20,000, to North Emery Water Users Special Service District to help purchase needed equipment and $26,884.45 to the Emery County Special Service District. The request to move forward with restoration projects at the Huntington Airport was granted. Jeff Guymon will be the point of contact for the project.

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