Emery County Commissioners Breeze Through Meeting


Emery County Commissioners met quickly Tuesday and approved a number of items.

Notes from the meeting:

  • Ray Petersen, Administrator of the Emery County Public Lands Council, was approved travel to Denver to make a presentation to energy producers to which Councilman James Nelson said, “this is interesting because it could turn out great for Emery County.”
  • The Emery County Aquatic Center will waive fees to graduates of Emery High on the night of May 24.
  • Orangeville resident Bart Cox was appointed to the Emery County Housing Authority Board.
  • Emery County has now taken responsibility of the communication site which includes the television tower east of Emery City.
  • Commissioners approved the 2012 property tax exemption list.
  • Commissioners signed a contract forВ bailiffВ services for the county.


The Commissioners will next meet June 12.

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