Emery County Community Theater Presents Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat to a Full House


By Julie Johansen

The Biblical story of Joseph being sold by his eleven brothers into Egypt has been a favorite of many since it debuted in America about 1970. The Emery County Community Theater (ECCT) production presented March 14 through March 18 was no exception. It was written to be performed by schools and organizations and was definitely a crowd pleaser at each of these five performances.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat is told completely by music and dance. The talented family-oriented cast of the Emery County Community Theater depicted the story through the various types of music. Joseph’s, played by Jake Law, exceptional musical talent is joined by his father Jacob, played by Wayne Huntsman, and eleven brothers and wives, making a very busy and exciting stage full of enjoyment. Potiphar, played by Kenny Chlarson, becomes Elvis in his desire to have his dream solved by Joseph. Almost 30 children fill the stands on the stage with a supporting Children’s Choir. Over 20 musical selections, dance and vocal, tell the complete story. Using musical narration, Bailey Aird, Tricia Erickson and Erin Payne, keep the story flowing through their talented vocal solos and trios.

It was an evening many wanted to attend more than once.

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