Emery County Native Makes CWO5

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Of the over 450,000 individuals that serve in the Army, there are under 200 throughout the ranks that make CWO5. Local Matthew Seegmiller is one of those few. His father, Scott, stated that Seegmiller was always a self-starter. While he was in school, he was honored with the Coach’s Award, among other achievements.

Seegmiller graduated from Emery High School in 2000 with credit for Army service of a year, having enlisted during his senior year. He has been an active member of the Army since with service in Korea, Egypt, Australia and Germany as well as several deployments to Desert Storm and Afghanistan.

Currently, Seegmiller is once again overseas in Germany, serving and flying Blackhawks. His family wished to have the community know of the great local men and women that are serving, strong and true.

Though his personal life has often been affected, Seegmiller found love with his wife, Toni, and two children, Brianne and Shane. His current duties include instructor pilot, test pilot and flying whenever the opportunity arises.

“We have watched him pilot his Blackhawks as a weapons platform to support ground troops, a search and rescue platform to find lost souls, and a medovac savior for injured soldiers,” Seegmiller’s father shared. “And yet, to his family, the thing that stands out to us is the way Matt will just put his head down, square up, and honor his callings as husband, father, and officer in the U S military.”
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