Emery County Public Lands Council Welcomes New Council Members


The Emery County Public Lands Council welcomed new council members Laren Huntsman and JR Nelson at a meeting on Tuesday.

Huntsman is a native of Emery County and is the Hunter Plant manager. Nelson is a retired school teacher and recently served as an Emery County Commissioner.

At the meeting, the council elected Mistie Christiansen as chairwoman and Rod Player was elected co-chairman.

County Attorney Mike Olsen discussed and advised the council on House Bill 43 and 161. House Bill 43 modifies Title 73, Water and Irrigation, by amending the requirements for a change application. House Bill 161 modifies the Utah Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act to allow the transfer of water shares in a mutual benefit corporation.

Olsen stated that there are a lot of opinions on whether theses are good or bad bills. There were many views and opinions from several of the organizations in attendance.

The council made the decision to recommend to the Emery County Commissioners that they oppose House Bill 43.

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