Emery County Ready to Spend Big on Road Fixes


Emery County Commissioners entertained the idea of purchasing a $110, 000 asphalt zipper designed to repair roads while recycling available materials.

Asphalt Zipper of Utah representative Roger Comstock gave a presentation that detailed the machine’s capabilities.

“This machine allows us to pick up the gravel and dirt,” Comstock said. “Then it ejects water to reset the road for quality and durability. The zipper already has a high reputation with dirt in the area.”

Comstock said comparable machines cost approximately $465,000.

The new machine would be six feet wide and could repair approximately two miles of road per day.

Comstock agreed to demonstrate the machine’s capabilities on a Castle Dale road before commissioners made a final decision on the purchase. A date for the demonstration was not set.

Commissioners said they want to make a decision by the next public meeting.


  • Commissioners listened to three proposals for Emery County legal defender services and conflict counsel. Commissioners postponed selecting a final candidate so they could review all documents associated with the proposals.
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