Emery County Receives Grants to Aid in Public Service


Written by Julie Johansen

Items from the consent agenda in Emery County Commission Meeting Tuesday included a 3% wage increase for completion of six months of orientation for both Melany Weaver and Danielle Farley.  Ariauna Downard was promoted to a certified lifeguard instructor after completing the Lifeguard Instruction Certification Course and was moved from a grade seven to grade eight. Maxine Fielder was hired as the full-time justice court clerk. Malone Moss was selected as a part-time lifeguard working 19.75 hours per week.

A public hearing was opened to hear input regarding a prosed ordinance that amends an ordinance regulating county road and right-of-way encroachments. After a couple of clarification questions from the public the hearing was closed and ordinance number 8-7-85A was amended and approved.

Another public hearing was conducted regarding the Huntington Creek Watershed Coordinating Resource Management Plan to the Emery County General Plan. It was noted during discussion that this document had been reviewed by both the Public Lands and Land Use councils and recommended by both. Commendations were given to those who wrote the plan by both Ray Petersen, public lands administrator and Jeff Guymon, zoning administrator. This hearing was closed and approval was given to include the RMP plan in the county’s general plan.

Approval was granted for a Homeland Security Grant Program that will help finance reverse 911 calls and funding for the hazmat team, along with the justice assistance grant issued by the commission on criminal and juvenile justice in the amount of $4,500, which will put printers in deputies’ vehicles. The change of status for a parcel of land #01-0168-0005 was changed to active. Direction and consent to transfer legal representation from Crook to Crook and Taylor Law, LLC was approved by the commission.

Mary Huntington, public relations director for the county, asked for approval to utilize the Emery Medical Center for the annual wellness clinic. She also requested to provide flu and Adacel vaccines for county employees. Approval was granted. County employees who participate in the clinic will also be given four hours of vacation time. This wellness clinic will be in Castle Dale on Oct. 26-27 and in Green River Oct. 28.

Approval was also given for Huntington Library to apply for a KUED grant of $400 to help with books and advertisement. The San Rafael Museum will also reduce the rental fee for the DWS to host a training for University of Utah students on Dec. 5. Ratification was given to the Emery County Sheriff’s Office to apply for a Walmart grant for the Shop with a Cop program.  This is a matching grant, and through fundraisers the sheriff’s office will be able to do this. This allows deputies to take one student from each elementary in Emery County to participate in the Shop With the Cop program.

In order to allow more time for study and research the reimbursement of proposed solar projects by Onyx Renewables and ratification of Emery County Emergency Watershed Project for Castle Dale were tabled.

Two applications for event coordinator were opened and were forwarded to the travel bureau for consideration and interview. Danny Van Wagoner was appointed to fill the vacancy on the Travel Bureau Board of Directors.  The county will advertise for another seat on this board for the western part of the county.

Utah State Parks has funded $57,000 for improvement to the Des Bee Dove motorized trail. This should take two years to complete. A committee is working to accomplish this. Emery County Fair dates have been set for July 28-29, 2017. 

A tentative 2017 budget was presented for commission study by County Clerk Brenda Tuttle.   Commissioner Ethan Migliori announced a business conference at USU Eastern on Nov. 4, from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Speakers will address all facets of economic development. Anyone can register.

Commissioner Keith Brady reported on the Utah Heroin and Opioid Summit he attended. He stated that Emery County does not have a heroin addiction problem but concern is great about pain pill addiction. Commissioner Paul Cowley announced the senior Christmas dinner on December 8 at the museum.

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