Emery County Rejoins with Local Health Department


Randy Johnson, Government Matters, LLC, speaks with commissioners.

By Julie Johansen

Over one year ago, Emery County decided to pull out of the Southeastern Utah Health Department because of internal problems. These problems seem to have been resolved and an interlocal agreement was approved by the Emery County Commissioners at a meeting on Tuesday.

This agreement gives clarification on how to discharge board members as well as the withdrawal procedures for counties leaving the district. Dues to the district will now be based on population, evaluation and environmental reasons. This lowers Emery County’s membership dues by $10,000.

Also at the meeting, a contract with Utah Division of Parks and Recreation was approved for the purchase of a trail cat. This will be done with matching funds through the trail committee grants. A memorandum of understanding was also approved between Emery County and the Division of Forestry and state lands that will allow county first responders to aid in wildfires and disasters.

Discussion was also had that in order for to receive federal assistance through the Emery County pre-disaster plan, the cities and county must approve the plan. This was approved by the county commissioners during the meeting.

Randy Johnson, Government Matters, LLC, reported to the commission the status of the Emery County Public Lands Bill. He stated that the bill is closer to being passed than it ever has been in more than 20 years since its inception. The next step is to reconcile the house version and senate version of the bill. When asked about the roads allowed or denied in the bill, his response was that the bill does not change any roads.

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