Emery County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner and Convention Hosts Large Crowd and a Full Slate of Candidates


By Julie Johansen

The Emery County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner and Convention was very well attended, with over 250 citizens, candidates and guests in attendance.

The event was hosted at the Emery County Recreation Center on Thursday, March 28. The dinner was catered by Gettin’ Your Smoke On, with tables filling the rec center. Candidates were available at 5 p.m. and the dinner began at 6 p.m.The guest speaker was former State House Chairman Greg Hughes.  Following Hughes’ remarks, County Republican Party Chair Jesse Sloan led everyone in the pledge and anthem. Sloan and Vice Chair Doug Stilson addressed the audience. County Party Treasurer Russell Larsen gave a financial report and Secretary Tammi Gilson read the minutes for approval. The agenda was then adopted.

The three county commission candidates were then introduced by the chair and each was given five minutes speaking time. Travis Bacon stated that he hoped to make a positive change in county government. He outlined three areas of his major concern; economic development, tax mitigation and watching county budgets. Dennis Worwood was next to address the crowd, explaining he had the experience and time to fill the position of county commissioner. David Sebring spoke of the business development he has accomplished and how he hoped to lessen the tax burden of the county.

Once the county delegates completed voting and votes were counted, Dennis Worwood received 61% of the votes and will be placed on the ballot and receive some funding from the local Republican Party.

Two county offices were nominated by acclamation. They were Kris Bell, County Assessor, and Josie Stilson as County Treasurer/Recorder. These two women spoke briefly to the audience, introducing themselves and explaining their responsibilities in their offices.

United States Senate Candidates addressed the audience next. Candidates Jason Watson, Brad Wilson and county resident Chandler Tanner were present at the convention and spoke to the group. Candidate John Curtis stopped by for introductions earlier but, as announced, he had to leave early as he had obligations at the Wayne County Convention.

Congressional District #3 filling Curtis’ position were next to speak. JR Bird, Zac Wilson, Mike Kennedy, Case Lawrence, Chris Herod and John Dougall came to the podium and presented their platforms and desire for support in the election. Next, it was time for those running for the Governorship of Utah to speak. Governor Spencer Cox was first, followed by Carson Jorgensen and Phil Lyman. Governor Cox hoped to have a second term in office and reminded all of the tax cuts from his administration, state jobs moved to rural Utah and his desire to promote sanctity of life.

Jorgensen stated faith, family, friendships and work ethics top his concerns. Lyman from San Juan County desires to have local control of public lands.

The evening ended with Attorney General and State Auditor candidates being introduced and speaking. Tom Hansen for House District #67 and Dough Heaton for House District #69 also spoke.

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